Bringing the old World of fine, luxurious nightlife & day life to a new generation, craving fresh contemporary design, Nightlife Empire is intended for exploration. It teases, excites, and celebrates the senses continually refreshing itself. Nightlife Empire focuses on spectacular events, diverse concepts, incredible music, impeccable customer service and satisfaction.


Based in West Hollywood, California, Nightlife Empire is one of the nation's leading nightlife ownership, management, consulting, entertainment, marketing, event, concert, & festival promotions companies in the hospitality business. The executive's diverse range of leadership skills and knowledge has allowed the company to develop a superior team of experienced industry professionals with an unparalleled knowledge of the marketplace. Nightlife Empire can deliver state-of-the-art, innovative venues and events that exceed customer expectations and maximize brand value. The company's key to growth has been an ability to design award-winning venues, create new and original concepts to adapt to market segments, and consistently run highly creative and successful operational, marketing, and promotional campaigns.


Nightlife Empire, its owner (and his various companies) has owned, operated, consulted, or provided services for over 300 nightclubs, day clubs, bars, lounges, restaurants, and adult clubs in over 40 North American cities. A list Celebrities, Entertainers & Athletes, frequent Nightlife Empire events. Nightlife Empire continues to be one of the Nation's top Hospitality Companies. On behalf of myself and our beautiful staff, we invite you to enjoy the Nightlife empire Experience.



See you on the dance floor