“Brian is a hands on businessman who is focused on the task at hand. I explained my desire to bring more patrons to my venues, in a matter of 24 hours he proposed a plan, I approved it and within a few hours he made it happen. That's how he operates no drama and no nonsense. In a matter of a month my internet traffic doubled and my phone inquires haven't stopped. I have since hired Brian to handle the promotion for all my venues.Simply said "he's the best in the business" I highly recommend him!

Butch Yamali
(President The Dover Group of New York)

“Brian is a no-nonsense businessman who knows what he's doing. In 2003, I had a loser nightclub on my hands. I hired Brian to do a re-launch. His strategies breathed new life into my business, making it possible for me to sell it and move on. I recently opened a Night Club in San Juan, PR, and I used some of those very same concepts that Brian taught me. The club in San Juan is now the largest dispenser of liquor on the entire island of Puerto Rico. I attribute much of the bars success to the value of the wisdom that Brian shared with me. Please don't hesitate to call of you have any questions.”

Ray Halderman
(Night club Owner, of multiple Venues in Miami, West Palm Beach & Puerto Rico)

“Brian (and his team) produced a successful weekly Friday night party at Apartment 24 in San Francisco for quite a while. Very impressive considering he had only visited the venue once.”

Trevor Hewitt
(Nightclub Owner, Apartment 24 & Ruby Skye in San Francisco, CA)

“Brian is the consummate promoter. He is cleaver, productive and never wastes your time or money. Having been around for awhile his business contacts are second to none. It doesn't hurt that he is a great guy and always has your best interests in mind.”

 Randy Grinter
(Nightclub owner/entrepreneur in Miami/Ft Lauderdale)

“Our Nightclub was almost out of business. Brian and his team packed out our venue to the point where we couldn't fit the customers!”

John Numonic
(Former GM of Molly Blooms Smithtown, NY)

“Brian has given me some great marketing and strategic advice for my venue. We continue to work together and I believe we will for years to come.”

Andy Staudt
(Owner of Midtown 1015 @ Sutton Place in New York City)

“Brian and I have built a long term relationship in the business. He has done some great events at my Venue over the years.”

Julio Quinn
(General Manager of Club Boca in Boca Raton, FL)

“This is on behalf of anyone considering utilizing his talents or working with Brian . I have found Brian to be dedicated and knowledgeable in the nightlife and nightclub industry. He has proven to keep his word in our business dealings and would highly recommend him to your venture.”

Cheryl W. Irwin
(CEO of Chameleon Studios in Las Vegas, NV)

“In short, Brian is a pit-bull in the entertainment marketing industry. His experience is vast and his body of knowledge with respect to the major nightclub markets in the USA borders on the encyclopedic! Once
Brian locks onto a project; he chases whatever goals that project entails with a single-minded focus. If you're able to convince Brian that your project is worth his time, consider yourself lucky.”

Jordan St. Jacques
(President FX Concerts) 

“Brian brought a new way of thinking to Las Vegas nightlife. I didn't think that was possible!”

Robert Mazza
(Owner of in Las Vegas,NV)

“Brian is a very creative young man. Our flyers and general brand name was promoted at a high level.”

Rich Kaiser
(Night club & restaurant owner in Bradenton, FL)

“Brian is a dedicated hard working entrepreneur who helped Exit nightclub from 2000-2002 do upward of 7,000 guests on Friday nights!”

Adam S
(Former director of marketing for Exit nightclub in New York City)

“Thank you for the amazing job on general consulting over the years!”

Tom Hangartner
(Owner of Beach bar in Hampton Bays, NY & Slopes in Hunter Mountain, NY)

“Brian helped my small local sports bar increase sales. Since we are small and have an extremely low budget, he used creative methods of advertising to bring my numbers up. He even had his softball team sponsor my bar, and all his teammates come to the bar after all the games. Brian goes the extra mile for all his clients.”

Kevin Sheehan
(Owner of 3 Local Bars on Long Island & Queens, NY)

“Brian has given me advice on negotiating deals with venue owners as well as general nightclub advice that has saved me thousands of dollars. Strongly suggest his consulting services.”

Alan Action
(CEO of Alan Action Events)

“I remember Brian when he was a college student promoting events at my bars. Only once in a decade does a nightlife entrepreneur like him come along. He is a special person with a unique talent. He is a Great leader!”

John Cestare
(Nightclub Owner for Senor Frogs, McFaddens, Carlos & Charlies & Coyote Ugly)

“I am looking into a new nightclub venture on the West Coast of Florida. Brian has given me helpful consulting advice at a reasonable price, and I would highly recommend his services.”

Rich Rossi
(Florida Nightclub Owner)

“ Brian is an energetic young entrepreneur with a very bright future.”

Gerry Kelly
(Miami Nightclub Owner)

“On Brian’s opening night of "Posh Lounge" inside our Italian restaurant he organized the sale of over 25 VIP bottles.”

Seth Berman
(Owner of Noodles Restaurant in Naples, FL)

“Brian and I have done business at my Nightclub for over 12 years. Brian is an honest; get it done type of guy who has the experience and connections to make even the impossible work.”

Genero Telerico
(Owner of Avanti Nightclub in Westbury, NY)

“Brian has been a family friend for over 25 years. He helped me with my small bar I owned. While he was living in Florida, & never even attending my Venue once, he packed out my bar with over capacity results!”

Benny N.
(Former Owner of Bada Bam/Nicoles Lounge in New Hyde Park, NY)”

“I did some appearances for Brian at some of his Florida Nightclubs. We ended up becoming good friends. He knows how to pack a club!”

Domenico Nesci
(MTV reality star from the show "That's Amore")

“Brian did a great job bringing a great Long Island crowd to Manhattan.”

Leo Baskin
(Owner of Slide in NYC)

“Brian started me in the business a long time ago. Because of him, teaching me the business, I made a career out of the night club business.”

Coy Whiting
(General Manager of Ice Bar in Orlando, FL)

“I started as a cashier working for Brian’s Nightclubs. I worked my way up to General Manager of multiple Night clubs in NYC.”

Dina T.
(Nightclub General Manager in New York City)

“Not too many people can make a successful career in the night club business. With much hard work and dedication, Brian has succeeded in a very difficult business. Congratulations on your success.”

Matt Demar
(Former KTU Personality/Reality Star)

“A marketing genius with great energy!”

Damon Deseautel
(Licensed real estate broker in the state of Florida)

“Brian gave me my first shot as a DJ when most promoters wouldn't deal with me when the industry was the toughest to break into. Because of his efforts, I have held a 10 year residency at 2 major gigs he got me, Beach Bar in the Hamptons and Slopes in Hunter Mountain. There's no question about it... My career is owed to an amazing promoter and a great friend.”

DJ Joey Jammz
(NYC DJ/Producer)

“Brian is easy to work with and very creative. Our business relationship together has had many successful events.”

Jr. Nakasaki
(Owner of Jam Roc Nightclub on Long Island, NY)

“My favorite Brian party was the grand opening of evolution in Vero Beach, Florida. In a small town Brian hit the town by storm and packed out 1300 people in the first hour of its operation. The people who couldn't get in went to all the other bars and clubs in Vero Beach that are usually dead. Brian packed out a whole town!”

Super DJ Jay Dee
(South Florida/NYC DJ)

“Worked with Brian for years and he has to be one of the most stable and reliable people in the nightlife business!”

Donald Garzino
(Owner Girl PR)

“I worked with Brian in many venues in the New York metropolitan area. It was a pleasure to work with him and I would happily work with him again in the future. Brian not only works hard, but also works smart and knows how to work to get work. He is a very driven individual and is not one to just wait for things to come to him.”

(International DJ)

“ Brian , owner & CEO of Nightlife Empire, is nothing but a pleasure to work with and for. His resume and credentials are superb, and it is because of his hard work and determination that Nightlife Empire has become the country's #1 rated nightclub marketing, management, & consulting company! Strongly recommended!”

DJ Tony Tone
(Orlando DJ)

“Brian has very good management skills and can multi-task as well as delegate time/manpower for the most effective outcome possible using every resource possible. From the smallest to the largest task he makes sure the client he is providing his service for feels they are his top priority.”

DJ David Masters
(Long Island DJ)

"Nightlife Empire is the leader in marketing for businesses of all sizes. They have helped IntraLogic Solutions with our marketing needs. The various campaigns we have done with Nightlife Empire have greatly increased our exposure to our target audience."

Lee Mandel
(CEO, IntraLogic Solutions Inc)

In 2010 I had the opportunity to work with Brian , taking over the operating duties of a struggling venue in San Francisco. We were able to increase sales and improve the overall demographic with a great marketing plan and developing key partnerships. I value my early experience with Brian and since then have moved on to become general manager of a major club.

Rodney Detheridge
(General Manager, Sloane San Francisco)

Brian is one of the hardest working guys in the Industry. Always has been, always will be! He is certainly the real deal. Love ya brutha!

Bob Blickwede
(Director of Jones Beach Concerts)

Nightlife Empire has always been a great partner of MyGuestlist Inc. The experience and knowledge has assisted significantly in our business development. Thanks Brian

(Tony Pantano MyGuestlist | New York, USA)

"We value our relationship with Nightlife Empire as their events deliver high quality nightlife experiences and handle their partners and customers in a very professional manner."

(Brock Ganeles, CEO NiteTables Inc)

Brian is a brilliant strategist and tireless worker who I have the utmost respect for. Brian and I first worked together back in the 1990's and his passion and talent was evident immediately. His relentless determination even then to be the best was obvious and as such he rose through the ranks immediately and that path that he put himself on continues today. His desire to be the best in the nightclub business was obvious then and it remains today. His ability to understand concepts and philosophies and then articulate them to minds not as complex as his own is also second to none. On a personal level Brian is an honest, hardworking, high character individual and I am extremely pleased to be able to compose this testimonial today. He is more than well deserving of all his success as no one works harder than he does.

(Joey "X" Curcio Former Nightclub Marketing Director NYC)